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-Glossary:+====== There'​s so much to know... ======
-Base - That’s the back.  Sometimes the PCB sits in there (like the Universal kits), sometimes it just floats (like the skeleton kits).+[[knowledge_base:​knowledge_base|Knowledge ​Base:]] 
 +  * [[knowledge_base:​Glossary|Glossary]] 
 +  * [[knowledge_base:​switch_list|Switch List]] 
 +  * [[knowledge_base:​maintenance:​clean_your_keyboard|Maintenance:​ Keyboard cleaning]] 
 +  * [[knowledge_base:​maintenance:​lubing switches|Maintenance:​ Lubing switches]] 
 +  * [[knowledge_base:​keycap_profiles|Keycap Profiles]] 
 +  * [[knowledge_base:​Keycap Materials and Legends|Keycap Materials and Legends]] 
 +  * [[knowledge_base:​Keyboard Mounting Styles|Keyboard Mounting Styles]] 
 +  * [[knowledge_base:​Keyboard Layouts|Keyboard Layouts]]
-Hot Swap PCB - is a PCB that doesn’t need the switches soldered, switches can be added and removed without soldering. (see PCB for more) 
-PCB - the circuit board that links each key press to the USB. (see Programmable PCB or Hot Swap PCB for more) 
-Programmable PCB - this refers to a PCB that has a programmable chip on it.  This way, each key can be remapped, programmed or made into a macro. 
-Plate - Plate is the top.  It’s the part with the switch cutouts. ​ (see universal plates for more) 
-Keycaps - the plastic piece that your finger touches. 
-Keys - are the results of all the parts. People often use this to describe a single part, when they mean switches, keycaps or pcb traces. 
-Soldering. You must solder the keys on to the PCB? Solder the switches to the PCB, yes. 
-Skeleton kit / Sandwich kit - Keyboard kits made of just two plates. ​ 1upkeyboards is famous for this post-modern design. 
-Standoffs - the little pieces that go between the base (backplate) and the top plate. 
-Switches - these are the parts that go under the keycap and into the PCB.  This is where you get to customize the feel of your keyboard. 
-Universal plates - This is a plate that’s cut out to support multiple layouts. 
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