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 +If you havent flashed your board before you'll need to do the following:
 +  - Download and install the latest version of QMK Toolbox from here: https://​​qmk/​qmk_toolbox/​releases
 +  - Downdload the QMK Drivers "​"​ here: https://​​qmk/​qmk_driver_installer/​releases
 +  - For Windows machines run the "​install_all_drivers.bat"​ file in the "​qmk_driver_installer"​ folder.
 +  - Go to [[https://​​1upkeyboards/​]] select your PCB Model and layout. Modify your layout if desired then click COMPILE on the top right, wait until completed and click FIRMWARE to download the .HEX
 +  - Open QMK Toolbox and use it to Open the .HEX file
 +  - Plug in your keyboard while holding '​Spacebar + B' OR press the reset button on the backside of the PCB while plugged in to load DFU mode.
 +  - If autoflash is enabled in QMK toolbox you should see the firmware being installed as soon as the keyboard is recognized.
 +  - If autoflash is not enabled click "​Flash"​ once the drivers have finished installing.
 +Your new layout should now be installed! Refer back to https://​​ to check the layout.
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