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So you want to build a keyboard.

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A - I don’t know how to solder

B - I know how to solder, but I could use some practice

C - I’m like the Michael Jordan of soldering, just haven’t made a keyboard.

No problem! Even if you don’t know how to solder and want to jump straight to keyboard building, we have a solution for you.

You’ll want to check out the Hot Swap compatible keyboards. We currently offer two models: HSE and the HTE. HSE stands for Hot-Swap Edition, and it refers to our 60% PCB that uses plug in switch sockets. HTE stands for Hot-Swap Tsangan Edition, it’s also a 60% PCB, but has a slightly different layout. More about layouts in a minute.

Both the HSE and HTE are fully programmable keyboards. They come with default layouts, but you’ll still need to program them to enable stuff like arrow keys and control over the RGB LEDs. You’ll do that through a program called QMK. You can start the layouts now.

Both the HSE and HTE are 60% keyboard PCBs meaning that they have around 60 switches on each. You’ll need to partner these PCBs with switches, a top plate, a base and a set of keycaps to get them working.

The HSE supports the standard layout, and can be paired with the LCE plates, the universal plates or the LJD61UP.

The HTE supports HHKB, Tsangan, and WKL layouts and can only be paired with universal plates or HHKB plates.

Hot-swap PCBs are great to get you started… but when you really want to take your custom keyboard building to the next level, you should try learning how to solder.

If you want to practice… we have the Sweet16 Macro keyboard kit. It's an inexpensive started kit to get you started (so that if you make mistakes it only costs you the cost of the kit). It's a PCB only kit. No plate, no base, no nothing. Basic. That's why it's a great place to hone your skills and test some switches.

If you wanted to skip the practice kit, you can look at any of the other kits on the site.

Ok, let’s get straight at it:

Here's what you need to make a kit.

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