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Here are the parts you need for every kit

There are 4 basic types of kits that are sold on 1upkeyboards and they represent the kits that are sold everywhere.

Kit 1) Barebone / PCB only kits.

This type of kit is like the Sweet 16 and Super 16 kits sold on 1upkeyboards. These are a very basic kit, but they help us to understand what is really required at the most basic level of a kit.

  • PCB
  • Controller
  • Diodes
  • Switches
  • Keycaps
  • Standoffs (or something to stop it from resting on the table)

So let's go down the list and explain what everything is, and what it does.

Kit 2) Sandwich / Skeleton Kits

Kit 3)

Kit 4) It's not really a kit, it's a **Stock Upgrade**

We sell a number of “Controllers” that add on to stock boards that are sold in stores.

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