Sweet 16 V2 Macropad Assembly Guide

These are the assembly instructions for the Sweet 16 V2 Macropad from

(More detailed instructions coming soon. Follow the Super 16 V1 guide for a similar build.)

  1. Test/flash microcontroller.
  2. Solder on 16x diodes (black bar on diode matching the white bar on the PCB).
  3. Solder on 20x RGB LEDs. The 16 directly under the switch holes face up to illuminate the switch. These have the alignment arrows on the bottom left corner. The 4 underglow RGBs are located directly under R0C0, R0C3, R2C0, and R2C3 face down to provide underglow. Match the arrow on the PCB to the short leg on the LED. Take extra time to confirm that the LEDs that sit under the microcontroller are soldered properly as you will not be able to access them once the controller is installed.
  4. For troubleshooting purposes, the LEDs are wired in sequence and change directions every row. The sequence starts at R0C0-R0C3 > R0C3 Underglow > R1C3-R1C1 > R0C0 Underglow > R1C0 > R2C0-R2C3 > R2C3 Underglow > R3C3-R3C1 > R2C0 Underglow > R3C0.
  5. Solder on the headers for the microcontroller.
  6. Put your switches through the switch plate in and solder to the PCB. Make sure your plate is in the correct orientation. The “Top Plate” marking should be facing the PCB on the R3C0 corner.
  7. Solder on the microcontroller. The components should be facing you.
  8. Insert standoffs through the PCB and secure to the top plate using the m2 screws.
  9. Align the bottom plate “Bottom Plate” marking should face the PCB on the R3C3 corner. Secure to standoffs with m2 screws and plate the rubber bumpons.
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