Sweet 16 Software Instructions.

Download QMK for the richest experience for programming the Pro Micro

Follow our instructions on how to use the QMK configurator here.

Or just dive in to visual configurator with QMK:

Don't want to use QMK? Try a different web interface, by downloading the json here: sweet16.json which you can use at

Or just download a sample .hex here: sweet16.hex and skip ahead to flashing.

To upload the hex onto the ProMicro see below.

Use the QMK instructions here: Click here.

Or install the arduino software and avrdudess, then press the reset button.

Use the Let's Split instructions here: Click here.



**This guide has was tested on Ubuntu 19.10 kernel 5.3.0**

GUI Flashing:

1. Install Audurino IDE: Click Here

2. Install avrdude: Click Here

3. Download and extract Here

3a. You will need to install mono to run avrdudess.exe on Linux: sudo apt-get install libmono-system-windows-forms4.0-cil

3b. You will need to install AVR-GCC as well by running sudo apt-get install avrdude gcc-avr

4. In terminal run mono avrdudess.exe in the directory you extracted to from step 2.

5. In avrdudess make sure you have the correct programmer (Atmel AppNote AVR109 Bootloader) and and MCU (ATmega32U4) selected.

6. Select .hex file created from QMK Online Configurator and flash.

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