Super 16 V2 Macropad kit by Included in the kit:

-Case (Left to right, top to bottom) 1x Switch plate1x Bottom plate 1x Super 16 V2 PCB 3x USB cutout plates 2x Top surround plates 2x Rotary encoder supports (Not pictured)

-Hardware 4x M2 x 5mm screws 4x M2 x 12mm screws 4x M2 x 9mm standoffs

Tools required: M2 driver

First step is to test the PCB. Check that all LEDs light up in the front and in the back.

Test each key to confirm that they are sending inputs. The lower left key is used for layer switching and will not register an input.

Place the PCB on a flat surface. Align and place the switch plate on top of the PCB

Carefully insert a switch through the plate into each corner of the PCB until they are fully seated.

Flip the assembly over so it is resting on the switches.

Apply downward pressure on the outside edges of the plate until it is resting flush on the switches.

Flip the assembly so it is once again resting on the PCB. Finish inserting the switches. If the plate slides back down, repeat previous step.

Attach the standoffs onto the bottom plate using the 5mm screws.

Place the 3 USB cutout plates onto the bottom plate assembly.

Take the switch plate assembly and place it on top of the bottom assembly.

Place the 2 top surround plates on top.

Use the 12mm screws on each corner to secure all the plates together. Some minor adjustments may be required at this stage to align all the plates perfectly.

Place the bumpons on the bottom plate.

And your case is now complete!

Install keycaps.

Looking good!

Plug it in and you're ready to enjoy your new Super 16 V2 Macropad.

If you opt to install rotary encoders you will need to use the included acrylic supports. The supports sit as pictured with the skinny one of the right side between the case and the hotswap sockets. The larger one sits on the left side with the cutouts towards the switches. Place the bottom plate back on and you are ready to rock!

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